In order to achieve sustainability, it is necessary to work in an integrated manner. When planning an investment in transport, it is necessary to aim for environmental and social effects as well. When preparing a project to repair a street, we must have thought carefully about how it will affect economic activity and the appearance of the city. When introducing a new waste collection system, it is imperative that we take into account the habits of people on the ground and think about how this system will become part of the larger concept of a circular economy. Even if this is not the mass practice, there are examples of an integrated approach in Bulgaria.

At this year’s edition of the Urban Development Forum, organized by the City Media Group in a strategic partnership with the European Investment Bank, we will focus on the best practices of integrated planning, procedure and implementation of projects in different spheres and in different Bulgarian cities. We will show how the integration of stakeholders, financial instruments, organizational and resource capacity leads to more sustainable results.

The program of the forum has 4 main thematic focuses – ecology, economy, social relations and aesthetics. These focuses reflect the priorities on which the European institutions work and are widely accepted as fundamental to achieving sustainability. In discussing each of the four focuses, we will also show its connections with the others to show the importance of cross-sectoral action.

Urban Development Forum 2022 is realized in partnership with the Bulgarian Council for Sustainable Development as part of World Green Building Week.

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