On February 20, 2020, in the Press Club Hall, a discussion forum will be held at the International Fair Plovdiv on “Trends in the Food Industry and Environmental Protection”. The event is part of the International FoodTech 2020, AGRA 2020 and WINERY 2020 exhibitions.

As part of the initiative entitled “Business informs – the consumer chooses”, a discussion will be held focusing on key trends in the food industry and the responsible business efforts to support the transition to a healthier nutritional environment and a more sustainable future with stronger connections between food, humans and the planet.

The organizers are the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria, the Union of Fruit and Vegetable Processors, the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria, the Association of Vegetable Oil and Oil Producers in Bulgaria and the Association of Soft Drinks Producers in Bulgaria.

The forum is being held with the partnership of the University of Food Technology – Plovdiv, PROGRESSIVE magazine and Food of the 21st century magazine .

The organizers invite representatives of all stakeholders – food and beverage companies, regulators and control authorities, the academic community, trade unions, employers’ organizations and non-governmental organizations, students and the media.

Panelists: Dr. Svetla Chamova – Executive Director of AMB; Engineer Antoaneta Bozhinova – Executive Director of SPPZ; Ivana Radomirova – Executive Director of SPB; Mariana Cholakova – Executive Director of SPRMB; Zhanna Velichkova – Executive Director of the APBNB and Dr. Dilyana Popova – Chief. AMB expert.


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