The National Conference on the Green Textile Deal:

Citizens and Business Partners in Textile and Footwear Waste Management will be held on March 12, 2020, at Sofia Hotel Balkan, Serdika Hall.

The event is organized by the European Institute Foundation and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, in partnership and with the assistance of the Association of Recyclers and Second-Hand Clothing Traders.

In 2019, the European Commission identified the textile industry as a priority for the introduction of measures for the transition to a circular economy. Textiles are extremely important for modern people, but at the same time, production and increased consumption or textiles cause a number of negative environmental impacts.

Clothing production is the fourth largest consumer of primary resources and water and, therefore, the focus on this industry, as well as on textile waste, is increasing. Textile waste management plays an extremely important role in the implementation of the European Green Covenant and the achievement of Bulgaria’s circular economy goals.

In terms of the European waste hierarchy, reuse is the best way to recover it. While appreciating the important role of the sector, we are focusing our joint efforts on introducing a sustainable and effective policy in the collection and recovery of textile waste.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Ministry of Economy, the Committee on the Environment and Water at 44-NS, as well as other state and municipal institutions, industry organizations, business and non-governmental organizations, media, were invited to participate.

We hope to outline the necessary measures and actions by all stakeholders in order to implement in Bulgaria a successful and sustainable model for textile waste management.


For more information – Iliana Pavlova, BIA, tel. 029320921, 0887278376, e-mail:



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