EY Bulgaria selects ten of the most successful family businesses in Bulgaria to show good examples in the Bulgarian economy and raise awareness of the family business in general.

In the years of modern market economy, Bulgaria has successfully built sustainable family businesses. Many of these businesses are already run by second, sometimes third generation in the family. In 2020 EY Bulgaria published the second edition of the Family Business Yearbook in Bulgaria with the main purpose to present and promote companies that successfully operate on both the local and international markets, create products and services at a global level and actively contribute to the development of the Bulgarian economy.

The companies included in the second edition of the Family Business Book come from different industries, very often are market leaders, show significant growth over time and have ambition to develop internationally.

The book is supported by the Ministry of Economy in Bulgaria.

“The ten stories in this book show that, despite the short history of the contemporary family business in Bulgaria, it creates traditions that are based on innovation and drive innovation. Intergenerational ties are strong, and the founders’ lessons are not in vain. Thanks to them, succeeding generations are able to bring companies into the future. And thanks to them, the Bulgarian family business is already taking its place in the national economy. I am happy that we, at EY continue to support family-owned companies in their efforts to develop sustainably in the long-term.”
Nikolay Garnev, EY Bulgaria, N. Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo Country Managing Partner. Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) Risk Management Leader

How the companies were selected
  • The family is the dominant business owner and is responsible for the business development strategy of the company
  • The family intends to pass on the business to the next generation
  • Business shows significant growth over time
  • The family has an ambition to develop the business internationally
  • The seat of the business is in Bulgaria.



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