Mrs. Tsveta Bratanova, Executive Director of GS1 Bulgaria at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presented the global GS1 standards and their role in product identification, data exchange and digitalization in general. The lecture was organized by Prof. Elka Vasileva as part of the “Product Management” discipline for bachelors from the “Business Economics and Management in English” major at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).

As an expert on the subject, Mrs. Bratanova introduced the students to the integrated system of open standards, including the levels for global product identification, capture and sharing of digital product data.

An interesting discussion arose during the presentation to the students of the mobile application BG Barcode, developed by GS1 Bulgaria for checking the validity of the barcodes of goods purchased from the country’s retail chains. The app also provides additional product data that enables end users to make an informed choice about their purchase. During the practical exercises, it was established that the GS1 country prefix 380 does not always mean that the product is made in Bulgaria, it has a direct relationship with the country in which the company-manufacturer is registered in GS1.

Mrs. Tsveta Bratanova demonstrated the capabilities of the Global Data Synchronization Network and in particular the EComGrid service as a facility and efficiency in sharing quality product data along the global supply chain from manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers to consumers .

GS1 Bulgaria works in close cooperation with universities in Bulgaria, including UNWE, Department “Economics of Natural Resources”, to impart knowledge about GS1 standards at an earlier stage in the development of young specialists.

The standards are an important tool in the digitization process and for the realization of a circular economy.


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