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Major accents:

Transport: condition of the networks and key sites in the transport infrastructure, priority sites for construction or renovation, financing of their quality construction, and professional support.

Energy: decentralized production, local renewable energy sources, smart networks, and a liberalized market.

IT infrastructure: IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly important for the good functioning of many other infrastructures. The ambition for complete connectivity, real-time communication, and automation make it a field of constant innovation and strong competition.

Innovations in asset management: how much, where, and with what qualities are the infrastructure networks and sites. Optimizing global risks through innovation.

Project financing: financial instruments, integrated capital structures, and public-private partnerships for infrastructure development

Strategic Infrastructure and Investments 2022

Infrastructure is both an indicator of the level of development of a society and a condition for its prosperity. Its planning, design and construction takes a lot of time and effort and is therefore often expensive. However, the benefits we derive from it are significant.
Decisions about the type of infrastructure, its scope, parameters, characteristics, method of maintenance and operation are strategic for several reasons. They have a direct impact on economic and political independence, have a significant impact on the ecological state of the environment, are directly related to the possibility of economic development and, last but not least, can be a prerequisite for sustainability.
Until recently, the concept of infrastructure was associated entirely with heavy, slow and highly hierarchical systems. This will continue to be the case for many types of infrastructure. But there is already a need for another type of infrastructure – distributed, low-hierarchical and allowing the exchange of resources in different directions. We often call this type of infrastructure “smart grids”.

At Strategic infrastructure and investments 2022, organized by the CITY Media Group in strategic partnership with the European Investment Bank, we discuss the development of several of the key networks in Bulgaria – transport, energy and telecommunications. We present trends, set good examples, talk about ways to build, maintain and manage infrastructure.

The aim is to support the creation of better, more accessible, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly infrastructure.


Read More: 2022.infrastructureconference.bg 

Source: www.infobusiness.bcci.bg 

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