The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) stimulates and encourages every single entrepreneur in this unpredictable economic and political environment to switch to renewable energy sources (RES) for their own needs, said BCCI’s President Tsvetan Simeonov at the third conference from the Regional Approach 2022 series in Sofia.

Simeonov emphasized that the Chamber has also taken a number of actions to ease the registration regimes for small RES to notification regimes, presenting recommendations to the government.

Simeonov added that according to 2020 EC data, Bulgaria is highly dependent on gas from Russia, where 77% of the natural gas it uses comes from. He said the government needs to provide gas price compensation for both businesses and consumers, as rising prices will continue to fuel inflation while leaving many families without heat and businesses closed.

The BCCI President noted that the process of restoring Bulgaria’s economy has begun, but it is still moving at a slow pace. Still, the energy and commodity markets, coupled with the country’s supply chain disruptions and complicated transportation links, are obstacles to recovery, he added.

During the event, well-established experts in the energy sector presented new energy-saving and production technologies. Participating were representatives of Veolia Bulgaria, Trakia Economic Zone, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, ABB Romania, the National Electricity Company, the Energy Management Institute, Signify, among others.

The conference, which brought together companies from the energy sector operating in Romania and Bulgaria, is an excellent approach for introducing them to new market opportunities, commented the BCCI. In many instances Bulgaria and Romania face the same difficulties – old infrastructure, lack of domestic financing, incomplete modernization of energy markets.

The topics of the Regional Approach Sofia 2022 conference included energy security, renewable energy projects, energy project financing, cogeneration, automation and IoT – industry 4.0, waste recovery, biogas, and strategic partnerships.

The event is organized by the Energynomics communication platform. The conference was opened and moderated by Gabriel Avacaritei, editor-in-chief of Energynomics. Aurelia Domniteanu, Counselor at the Romanian Embassy in Bulgaria also spoke at the event.


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