Stamen Yanev, Executive Director of the IBA presented a Class A investment certificate to Takvor Bohosyan, Executive Director of the Trade League – Global Pharmacy Center AD.

The investment project forecast expansion of the existing MHAT “Heart and Brain”, Pleven by building a new Oncology – Cancer wing “Cancer. The amount of the investment is BGN 10,300,000, and as a result of it 150 new jobs will be created.

This extension to the hospital envisages an increase in the number of hospital rooms, respectively the number of beds in the already opened wards, while preserving the structure of the existing hospital. Therapeutic and operative activities will be performed in the extension of the medical institution.

The project of the Society envisages the construction of a student campus at MHAT “Heart and Brain”, Pleven, which will offer study conditions and boarding houses for students at the Medical University – Pleven, who have an internship at MHAT “Heart and Brain”. With the construction of the campus, Bulgarian and foreign students will be able to be accommodated in diploma and postgraduate specialization programs at the hospital and specialists from Bulgaria, the EU, Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be attracted to develop research.

The investment also envisages the construction of a rehabilitation center that will provide comprehensive care to patients and their relatives. The Center will offer care and rehabilitation by a variety of specialists, providing medical supervision, supportive treatment prescribed by a doctor and health care of all kinds. It will be possible to treat various medical conditions, as well as to perform various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Through the implementation of the investment project, as well as through the newly created jobs, the development of research in the field of human medicine will be ensured. Scientific discoveries and developments are a priority for the company. Expansion of research in a wide range of therapeutic areas, such as oncology, is envisaged. Research also includes development, which includes clinical trials that provide answers to certain research questions. A secondary evaluation of new products to be approved for widespread use is achieved. Clinical trials follow strict, pre-approved protocols to achieve safe and accurate results.


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