InvestBulgaria Agency reports that currently there are 43 investment intent projects for nearly BGN 2 billion in the process of certification which are expected to create nearly 3,300 new jobs.

In the last week, four new projects for over BGN 75 million and 416 new jobs were certified in Strelcha, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv and Sofia region. In the town of Strelcha, the investment is in a medical and balneo complex worth BGN 10 million with over 75 jobs. In the city of Blagoevgrad – for the construction of a CAN line, a building and additional equipment worth over BGN 23 million. In the city of Plovdiv – for the production of electric bicycles for over BGN 38 million and 330 new jobs, and in the village Gurmazovo, Sofia Region – for the construction of a logistics base for warehousing and storage of foreign cargo worth over BGN 4 million.



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