Bulgaria is one step closer to the idea of ​​becoming a European training center in the area of disasters, accidents and catastrophes. Parliament supported the construction of such a center, as well as a school for paramedics, with amendments at first reading to the Bulgarian Red Cross Act. They provide an opportunity to build on public or private state property in favor of the Bulgarian Red Cross.


The idea for such an educational center in the country dates back several years. It was launched by the President of the World Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Francesco Roca, who then visited the Bulgarian Red Cross on the 140th anniversary of the organization.

According to the project, the center will have a capacity for 1,200 people, and a regional emergency preparedness warehouse will be built together with it.

According to the chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Acad. Hristo Grigorov, this funding has already been provided. It is also necessary to provide the Bulgarian Red Cross with land to be used for the establishment of this center.





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