Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum with the partnership of AmCham in Bulgaria and Canada Bulgaria Business Network has announced the Ninth International Energy Conference ”Energy and Cyber Security – Risks and Protections”to be held 20 March 2020 in Sofia under the patronage of the Minister of Energy, Ms. Temenuzhka Petkova.

The considered topics of the panels outline the priorities and are worth discussing the challenges for the energy systems security:

Panel 1: Legal and regulatory regimes for cyber security applicable for energy systems;

Panel 2: Concepts and technologies for cyber security in power generation plants, electrical and gas transport systems, control and telecommunication systems;

Panel 3: Concepts and technologies for cyber security in electrical and gas distribution systems and energy exchanges (IBEX);

Panel 4: Innovations, Smart grids and cyber security

Interest to participate and speak on the Conference is stated by few prominent international experts from Europe and USA and Bulgarian experts, as well.

Updated information about the agenda and the list of speakers will be posted on the web-site of the event organizer www.bulenergyforum.org.

The draft agenda and the conditions for participation 

Registration form 



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